Greenwood Lake Village Bd. Addresses COVID-19

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Story by Lourice Angie 

      On Mon., Mar. 16, Greenwood Lake Mayor Jesse Dwyer opened the Village Board of Trustees meeting by addressing the coronavirus pandemic. He said that every day the Orange County Division of Emergency Management updates local officials, villages, towns and cities on the status of the virus.

      Mayor Dwyer emphasized that anyone feeling symptoms of the coronavirus (fever, sore throat, runny nose and in severe cases difficulty breathing) to call their health care provider.

      With schools closed until mid-April and isolation being encouraged and businesses being closed, bars and restaurants will only be able to provide takeout and curbside pick-up services until further notice. Dwyer encourages residents to support local businesses and take advantage of their take out offers.

      During the meeting, the Board noted that the Greenwood Lake Senior Center and Community Center are closed and all related activities have been cancelled until further notice.  All public meetings at the Village Hall are cancelled. The Village Hall and Village Courthouse are be closed to the public. The offices will still be staffed. Anyone with questions or concerns should call 477-9215.

      The Greenwood Lake Police Department’s dispatcher’s office, located at 16 Church St in Greenwood Lake, will be accepting all building permits, building plans, water bills, and any other payments or correspondence for all of the Village departments. Necessary forms such as building permits and other applications will be available on the Village website at

        The Covid-19 situation is an ever changing and evolving process. Mayor Jesse Dwyer assures that any changes made will be posted to the Village’s website and Facebook page or contact the Village Hall or Police Department. As more information becomes available in the next week, the Village Board will have a better idea of how long this situation will occur. Until then, the Board is asking everyone to be patient.

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