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New Pastor Installed at St. Peter’s Church

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   On Sun. Feb. 16 Pastor Christopher Grant was officially installed as Pastor of St. Peter Lutheran Church in Pine Island.

   Pastor Grant graduated from Concordia Seminary in June 2019 as part of the Specific Ministry Pastor (SMP) program. In addition to his work as a pastor, he works full-time in the marketing communications field for a professional services company. He and his wife, Robin, reside in Montgomery, NY with their five children: Matthew, Joshua, Christopher, Leah and Zechariah.

St. Peter’s Sponsors Mission to Myanmar

      The Pastor Grant’s sons, Matthew and Joshua Harrison, both seniors at Chapel Field High School, will be going on a service mission to Myanmar from Mar. 18 to Mar. 28. They are members of Remember, a group that cares for widows and orphans of those Christians who were killed for their faith.  They had gone on this mission two years ago to help convert a barn into a livable house. This time, they will be making furniture to be used by those widows and orphans.

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