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Write Me in, Because They Can’t Write Me Out

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    I have thought about running for Village Trustee for some time. I am a native Warwickian and Village resident. I have been involved in our community as a volunteer and event coordinator. For me, this is an opportunity to do more for the Queen Village, the place I love to call home.

      I bring a lot to the table. I’m intuitive, creative, a problem solver, and have a knack for understanding people. As the only woman running, I bring diversity to the board.

    Unfortunately, the validity of my petition was challenged. The objection was filed by Lauren Vitkovsky, the Recording Secretary for the Town of Warwick Democratic Party and was notarized by Christine Stage, Corey Bachman’s campaign manager.  I ended up with 84 valid signatures; 100 are required.

     I honestly thought that running on my reputation and best intentions would be enough. For me, it’s been less about the campaign and more about the next four years: the challenges to come in a changing world and how we handle them.

    One of my favorite Warwick stories is about the building of the Union AME Church in 1905. A team of horses, lumber and stone were donated for its construction. A local business owner offered space so the congregation could continue to hold their services.

     Although, many things in Warwick have changed, this community spirit has remained. It’s this question that crosses our mind whenever a neighbor is in need, “What can we do.” The answer is what led me to the decision to run for Trustee.

       With my skills, I feel that I am a strong asset. I will ensure that the voices of our diverse community are heard, and continue to ask myself the question, “What can we do?”

      I am running a write-in campaign. For updates, follow my page on Facebook at Mary Collura 2020 and on my website, www.marycollura.com.

     Write me in, because they can’t write me out.


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