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Assoc. of Towns Donates $1,000 Each to Local Organizations

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      The Orange County Association of Towns, Villages and Cities, which represents the 21 towns, 19 villages and three cities in Orange County, wants to support public officials as they work to ensure the safety and welfare of their residents.

      One of the most basic needs in any community is access to good, nutritious food. Making sure that the most vulnerable have enough to eat has fallen to many key not-for-profits across the County and the Association would like to help in that effort.

      The Executive Committee, in consultation with the Board of Directors of the Association, has approved sending a $1,000 check to each of the following organizations – RECAP, HONOR, Hudson Valley Food Bank, Community Foundation of Orange and Sullivan and TOUCH.

      The Association appreciates the efforts of these agencies not only for their efforts during the COVID-19 pandemic but also for the work they do each and every day for those in need.

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