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Calvary Baptist Church COVID-19 Hope Fund Helps Those in Need

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Story by Lourice Angie

      The Calvary Baptist Church, located at 5 Wisner Rd. in Warwick, is helping to bring hope to single parent families who were affected with financial hardships caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

      Within several weeks, COVID-19 has spread across every state in the U.S., and caused school and business closures, layoffs, social distancing guidelines and lots of uncertainty. Residents have been advised to stay home to help reduce the spread of the virus, and as a result many people will run out of resources in the coming weeks.

       The Warwick community is very fortunate to have citizens, organizations, and local leaders that help spread kindness and hope during these trying times. The Calvary Baptist Church has created the COVID-19 Hope Fund to help single parent families cope with the loss of their jobs and resources. The program was created through the work and efforts of the entire Church and monetary donations are greatly appreciated to help fund the program.

Warwick Mom Receives Help

      Warwick resident Alyse Beers, a single mother of two, who works as a hairstylist, immediately found herself out of a job following the mandatory closures of non-essential businesses. She began to worry about how she’d be able to pay rent and provide for her young children during these trying times.

      To her surprise, she was contacted by one of her clients from the Calvary Baptist Church who knew about some of her struggles as a single mom. When Beers received the message, she was notified that through the Calvary Baptist Church COVID-19 Hope Fund, one month’s rent would be paid and she received a Price Chopper gift card for groceries.

      “I cannot express my gratitude enough to them. I am deeply touched by this. It really means a lot to me,” said Beers.

    “We want people to know that God loves them and there is hope. Oftentimes, they might feel alone and overwhelmed as they find themselves focusing on ways to pay rent and buy food,” said Pastor Craig Adams of the Calvary Baptist Church.

      For  information on the COVID-19 Hope Fund or to make a donation call  986-2137 or visit the Calvary Baptist Church website at

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