G. L. Commission to Provide Funding to Village

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Story by A.J. Arias

     The Greenwood Lake Commission voted unanimously to give $20,000 in funding to the Village of Greenwood for the purpose of investing in herbicide treatments, weed harvesting, and water sampling in Greenwood Lake. The measure was approved at the Commission’s meeting on Wed., Apr. 22.

     The donation is from funding that the Commission receives from Orange County. The Commission did not request any oversight of the Village projects, however Village of Greenwood Lake Mayor Jesse Dwyer said that he would continue to send reports to the Commission with regards to how funds were being used.

     Commission Co-chair Paul Zarrillo said that there is a possibility that the funding could be increased if the Commission receives additional monies from Orange County as expected. The funding from the Commission is another step in a new stronger partnership between the Commission and the Village in their efforts to help with the management of Greenwood Lake.

Fish Replenishment

     Mayor Dwyer thanked newly retired Commissioner Michael Flaherty from the New York Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) for his service to the Commission. One of the last projects the two had been working on before Flaherty’s retirement was the purchase of fish to be added into Greenwood Lake to help replenish the lake’s ecosystem.

     After a discussion and consideration of Mayor Dwyer’s recommendation, the group agreed to look into walleye fish as the species to purchase to replenish in the lake.

     Flaherty’s replacement from the DEC, former commissioner Kelly Tuturo, said that she will work with the Mayor after the meeting to make sure that project continues.

Next Meeting

     The next meeting of the Greenwood Lake Bi-State Commission will take place on a Zoom Conference call on Wed., May 27, at 7:00 p.m. Check the Greenwood Lake Commission’s website for additional meeting details at www.GWLC.org.

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