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Greenwood Lake Food Pantry Thanks the Community

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      All of us here at the Greenwood Lake Food Pantry would like to thank the members of our community for all their support.  We have received a tremendous amount of help from the people of this town.  I don’t know everyone’s names so I’ll just give you an overview:

  • The gentleman who bought pizzas for our Pantry patrons.
  • The young man who did a fundraiser on Facebook and contributed all of it to us. And then went out and bought additional food supplies for the Pantry.
  • The young lady who (during the first week of this shutdown), went to BJ’s and spent a considerable amount of her own money to bring us needed supplies. At the time we weren’t sure we’d even be able to stay open.
  • Monetary donations from members of the local churches and social organizations.
  • The young daughters of a local family who bought Easter candy for us to give out to our patron’s kids.
  • The businesses in town who helped us by providing items we couldn’t get from the supermarkets or Food Bank.
  • Locals who just stopped by the Pantry to donate money, food or their time.
  • The Warwick community who set up an organization to help gather donations for all the area Food Pantries. We have received many monetary donations because of this and are very grateful.

        I’m sure I have forgotten someone or some business – if so, I apologize. We have just been overwhelmed with generosity. This is a wonderful community and you should all be very proud of yourselves.

      The Greenwood Lake Food Pantry will continue to be open every Saturday from 9 a.m. to 12 noon for any Greenwood Lake resident who is in need of food.


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