Mayor Dwyer: COVID-19 Reaches Our Community

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      It pains me to have to write this, but against the advice of the County Health Department, I am reporting that tragedy has struck our community and is directly related to Covid-19.

      I will further state that COVID-19 numbers within and around our community are rising. This situation will surely get worse before it gets better. It is time EVERYONE takes this seriously. Below are enforcement measures and changes that will be enforced by our local police and code enforcement officer.

  • ALL local parks are closed. The Town of Warwick has closed the Thomas P. Morahan Waterfront park and the Winstanley (walking path will remain open), and any remaining Village Parks are also closed.
  • Dog Park is closed.
  • All non-essential businesses must immediately cease operation where they use employees. Sole proprietors or essential businesses may continue to operate. For details on essential businesses see:
  • Non-essential construction must immediately cease operation (employees cannot work). Landscaping has been exempt from this ONLY for the purposes of pest management. NO NEW PLANTINGS by landscaping contractors done by more than one person. Construction work does not include a single worker, who is the sole employee/worker on a job site. All existing building permits will be extended as necessary.
  • Social distancing will be enforced. No groups of any kind (except immediate family) will be permitted. You may exercise but only at a distance from others.

      I will be conducting a tele-townhall within a week to provide additional updates and answer questions. In the meantime, if you have any issues or questions, please feel free to reach me anytime at | or by calling my cellphone at 845-283-7993.

      Final Note: If you are feeling symptomatic (fever, cough, difficulty breathing, sore throat) DO NOT call 911. Call your doctor. If your symptoms worsen or you have any sort of emergency, please call 477-9211 (local police dispatch).

      Working together as a smart community, we will get through this together as a stronger community.

The above column, written by Village of Greenwood Lake Mayor Jesse Dwyer, has been published in the Apr. 8 issue of the Warwick Valley Dispatch.

1 thought on “Mayor Dwyer: COVID-19 Reaches Our Community

  1. Thank you Jesse for putting that up there been a lot ppl walking not distance from others I’m not the only that has seen it just pls stay home be safe from others

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