Mayor Harter: Bulk Pickup Underway

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    Hello Florida,

    Bulk pickup week is underway here in the Village and in this time of uncertainty who would have thought this would be one of the few things of normalcy going on in the world we live in. I was hesitant of having the pickup week, but after discussing it with a few of the DPW employees, we decided that we should move forward with it. I just wanted to take a moment to thank them for all of the essential service they provide to our Village.

    The Red Cross is asking for anyone who has recovered from Covid-19 to donate plasma to help those who are still battling the virus. The antibodies in that plasma have been shown to attack the active virus in other patients and could be a life-saving option for someone who is struggling with this disease. To qualify for donating you must be: 17 Years old and 110 pounds; in good general health; and diagnosed with COVID-19 and be symptom free and fully recovered. For more information and to fill out an eligibility form, visit

The above column, written by Village of Florida Mayor Daniel Harter, Jr., has been published in the Apr. 22 issue of the Warwick Valley Dispatch.

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