Mayor Newhard: Village Budget 2020-21

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      I am pleased to announce that the coming year’s Village Budget will remain below the tax cap which, as set by the NYS Comptroller, is 1.78%.

      One of the main costs we face is for Sewer Plant Improvements. The mechanism for collecting funds for this $12 million dollar project is through the Sewer Plant Improvement Tax. The Village received a $3 million dollar grant from NYS EFC, however the remaining cost to repay the anticipated 15-year loan will be through the Sewer Plant Improvement Tax. To that end, there will be no other land taxes collected for the Water or Sewer Fund for 2020-21. Part of covering these costs will be an 8% increase in Sewer usage rates. Water usage rates will remain the same.

Project Highlights for 2020-21

 General Fund:

      Central Garage – New generator, new truck lift.

      Special Items – Planning Consultant for the Village Comprehensive Plan.

     Parking lots – Upgrade of Spring Street lot.

     Streets/Roads – New chipper, curb/sidewalk improvements Country Lane, $113,861 of road reclamation and improvements.

      Parks – New cameras Stanley-Deming, new defibrillator Stanley-Deming, repairs on over 35 field, bocce ball courts Memorial Park, pave Memorial Park Drive.

        Storm Sewers – Wheeler Ave. culvert replacement, Maple Ave. trash rack repair.

Water Fund:

     Well #3 construction, replace T-1 tank and three on-line turbidity meters at Water Treatment Plant; and Water Pump Stations – four portable gensets/storm emergency preparation, watermain and waterline repairs: River St. and Robert Dr.

Sewer Fund:

     Genset installation at Robin Brae pump station; and Sewer Plant Phase 1 Installation of UV System, Orchard St. pump station head works repair.

     I believe the Village Board has defined a budget which includes significant repairs, improvements, and on-going and anticipated services to the Community. Thank you to all our Department Heads, Village Treasurer Cathy Richards, and Village Accountant Michael Vernieri for helping us accomplish our goal.

The above column, written by Village of Warwick Mayor Michael Newhard, has been published in the Apr. 22 issue of the Warwick Valley Dispatch.

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