Brieger Receives Lifetime Achievement Award 

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   The National Association of Community Health Centers has awarded the 2020 Lifetime Achievement in Migrant Health Award to Katherine Brieger of Pine Island. Due to the current COVID precautions, there will be a delayed public presentation of the award.

    This award to presented to an individual each year, who has demonstrated a long-term commitment to Migrant Health. Brieger was nominated by HRHCare and selected by the Board of Directors of the National Association of Community Health Centers. She has worked with both local, state and national projects in Migrant Health for over thirty-five years.

    Brieger has worked for over 35 years with HRHCare in the local health center, the Alamo as well as the other centers of HRHCare in Suffolk and Ulster county serving farmworkers. She has coordinated direct health services, outreach programs, community services for the Health Center.
  She has also served farmworkers locally as the Executive Director of the Warwick Area Migrant Committee. Brieger has led this organization for over four years. The activities of this organization include running a summer program for farmworker children. This program has provided valuable care for over eighty-five children each summer. This program is named Dulce Esperanza.

    Her National work includes serving as Chair and member of the USDA National Advisory Committee for Women and Children’s Nutrition representing the needs of farmworkers. She has served as a technical advisor for several national programs including a Women’s Health Training program; Prenatal Education Program; Health Literacy project and resource list for Farmworker Health. 


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Katherine Brieger


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