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Due to the uncertainties related to the COVID-19 closures, the Florida Public Library’s (FPL) annual budget vote and trustee election will follow a new procedure for 2020 and take place in June. The library will join with the Florida Union Free School District (FUFSD) this year and propositions for both the library and school will appear on the same ballot. 

Governor Cuomo has directed that all voting be by absentee ballot, so voters of the FUFSD and the FPL, which share the same geographic boundaries, will receive the ballot by mail and can return their votes in the postage paid envelope by 5 p.m. on election day, Tues., June 9.

All registered voters in the FUFSD are eligible to vote. Two library propositions will be on the joint school/library ballot: one for the library’s operating budget for 2020-2021 and one for the election of two trustees. The proposed tax levy is $486,058, which represents a total increase of $13,600 over the current year. Estimated tax rates are $1.33 for the Town of Goshen, an increase of 4 cents per thousand and $5.95 for the Town of Warwick, an increase of 17 cents per thousand.

Trustee Candidates

Two trustee seats are up for election to new three-year terms commencing on Wed., July 1. The library had completed its petition process before its March closure and only incumbents Nancy B. Scott and Kevin Lundell had returned petitions. 

Scott has served on the board of trustees since 2006, including as president, vice president and secretary and is the current vice president. She has lived in Florida for 38 years and worked in the Orange County Computer Information Systems Dept. for 33 years. She is a member of the Friends of the FPL and is also active in the Seward-Mapes Homestead restoration group.

Kevin Lundell was elected to fill a vacancy on the board in 2019 and is now running for his first full term. He’s a longtime Orange County resident. He has a background in internet technology and currently works as a Certified Recovery Peer Advocate in a local mental health and substance abuse urgent care facility. He lives in Florida with his wife, Nicolle, and has three daughters, two of whom attend Golden Hill Elementary School and one in school in Texas. He served as Golden Hill PTA President for two years and also serves on a NYS PTA Governance Team focusing on male involvement. For the FUFSD, he serves on the District Advisory Team and he also works with youth through the Warwick Valley Prevention Coalition. As a library trustee, he is currently chairman of the personnel committee.

For more information on the election or programs, call 651-7659 or visit www.floridapubliclibrary.org.

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Nancy B. Scott & Kevin Lundell are seeking re-election to the Florida Public Library Board of Trustees. 


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