Mayor Harter: Awaiting Park Re-opening

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Hello Florida,

    I know many of you are wondering when the Glenmere Park will reopen. With so many executive orders and decisions made by the governor it’s hard to keep up, but one thing remained clear – social distancing. With the popularity of the park whether it’s fishing, hiking, birdwatching or one of the many other activities to do there it will draw not just residents but other people from around the region. Even though it’s open space, social distancing violations can and will occur. Overcrowding was the initial reason the park was shut down. The state has made it clear that it’s up to the local municipalities for enforcement of all the protocols and safety procedures mandated if we open parkland or facilities, such as Glenmere. 

We are a small municipality with limited financial resources and staff and opening at this time will place extra strain on already overburdened Village employees and expose the staff to unnecessary risk as people come from all over the region to enjoy the facilities. Please be patient, we will open the park when conditions improve.

Memorial Day is upon us and I’m sad to say that our annual Memorial Day Parade has been canceled this year due to the pandemic. Even though we will not be together on that day to honor and remember those who have died to protect our great country and its citizens, we should all take a moment to honor them at home and appreciate the ultimate sacrifice they made for us.

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  1. Glenmere Park should be open to Florida residents only. I look forward to picking up my annual (paid for) permit.

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