Warwick School District Provides Parent Guide to Distance Learning

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      The Warwick Valley Central School District, in its ongoing effort to maintain continuity of learning for its students during the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, has developed a parent guide for its distance learning program. The “Parent Guide to Distance Learning Plan” makes available a written set of district standards and accessible resources to support families at home during this extraordinary time.

   As it became apparent that the state would mandate a protracted school closure, the district quickly shifted its approach to distance learning to support its students. Now, this guide continues to raise the level of remote instruction. The plan delivers a blueprint of standards for teachers as they conduct distance learning and provides parents with an understanding of the district’s expectations for both its educators and students.

   Specifically, the plan indicates that teachers will conduct two recorded instructional lessons each week. Teachers will record themselves explaining directions, reviewing material, or teaching new concepts. Teachers who elect to provide real-time instruction will post the recorded sessions. Students who are not able to participate in the live sessions may replay them at any time.

   Teachers will also interact directly with their students for each subject using tools for real-time class meetings, conferring, and/or office hours. The guide also provides other information, such as helpful quick links; grading rubric; computation formula for final course grades; educational resources; guide to online classroom etiquette; where to go if a student has questions; support services; mental health support material; self-care facts; District clinical staff; important resource websites; and state testing updates.

      “In this plan, we are especially sensitive not to overtax our students while at the same time we are providing clear expectations and a consistent approach for both teachers and students, which will help everyone be successful,” Dr. Leach said.

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