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The Committee for Humane Geese Control is a Greenwood Lake community-based volunteer group. The committee is working to humanely control the population of Canada geese on Greenwood Lake and have succeeded in reducing the numbers of resident geese.

    The molt season will be taking place soon, where new geese will arrive and lose their wing feathers. During the molt, geese will stay close to properties with shallow lakefront access. Site aversion techniques can reduce the chance that geese will molt on someone’s property. 

The Committee for Humane Geese Control are reaching out to lakefront residents and businesses who might need advice and expertise in mitigating any conflicts with Canada geese.

  By implementing site aversion strategies that are proven to work, everyone can help teach them that residential and commercial properties around the lake are not safe places to molt. Over time, geese will choose to molt elsewhere.

  The Committee for Humane Geese Control reminds everyone that a lake is a natural habitat for waterfowl. Due to the migratory and pond hopping behavior of geese, their numbers will fluctuate daily but there will always be geese on the lake. This is their natural habitat. Coexistence with wildlife is the right way.

  For more information call or send a text to 845-857-5178 or send an email to

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