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Desperdita Nunc is Latin for lost time. I sound a bit like the Scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz spouting off a Latin phrase. He is the character who wanted to meet the esteemed Wizard in search of a brain. We all know that the journey which involved Dorothy and her dog Toto, a Good Witch, a Bad Witch, flying monkeys, and the mighty and powerful Wizard was all about learning. In fact, the Scarecrow was the genius who guided the hapless group of Dorothy and friends to their destination and to find what they were looking for. 

  The Pandemic of 2020 turned our world on end. We truly were not in Kansas or for that matter Warwick anymore. Education and schooling had to rewrite itself- relearning how to learn! The efforts by the school district to continue the curriculum and to celebrate the class of 2020 were vital and they achieved what may have seemed impossible.

Overall, there was a sense of loss but there is a lesson here and like the Scarecrow’s journey the very thing we thought we did not have, or thought was lost was with us all the time. This is a powerful moment when we recognize that there is something more to learning. Through this experience, the young men and women of the class of 2020 have not only become stronger but smarter in a worldly way that accounts for creativity and resilience. They achieved something that is far greater than book learning and in fact, I believe they found all of the things that are needed to prepare us in life which include a brain, a heart, and above all courage.

  Of course, there is Dorothy’s deep wish to go home. My hope for you, the class of 2020, is to leave the nest and explore the worlds beyond our Valley. There is so much to find, and you have been given the compass to discover great things. The world awaits and never forget this part of the journey and that your ability and power to achieve comes from within.

  To the Class of 2020 on behalf of the Village Board of Trustees, I wish you our heartfelt congratulations and want you to know that however far you go Warwick will always be home! 

  The next Village Board meeting will take place on Mon., July 6 at 7:30 p.m. in Village Hall, located at 77 Main St. in Warwick, and will be held through Zoom videoconference and may be viewed live by the public on the Village’s Facebook pag

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