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  I am I running for re-election on the Greenwood Lake School Board.  Since moving to Greenwood Lake my wife, Lauren, and I have found not only a home but a great community with incredible values and a tremendous amount of pride.  We have been astonished by the overwhelming support and acceptance that our family has received from everyone.  We have met many wonderful people and have made some amazing friendships through our involvement in many activities.

Through many solid and well-organized sports programs, scouting events and community events, that we have been involved with, it has really shown us what this community is all about. Having two children – one in the Greenwood Lake Middle School, a seventh grader and a nineth grader in Warwick, I feel it is important to be involved not only for my children; but all the children that they have befriended and we have grown to know.

I feel it is my duty as a father to set an example to my own children to illustrate the respect for an opportunity to perform a civic duty. I can think of no better way to continue to serve this great community than by serving its children and the future of our children.  

  In these unknown times and the current situation, it will become even more important to have a voice in our local community. The current discussions on the state level in regard to the re-imagine of education are very concerning. There is no better place for a child to receive an education than in our schools with a live teacher. We have all seen how the last few months have made it difficult on children, teachers, staff, administration, and parents.  While I truly believe everyone has done the best possible job they can under these unprecedented circumstances, it is apparent that this is NOT a long term means for our educational system.  

    While there are many issues and many more to come, it is important for any potential Board member to be able to hear the concerns and sentiments of the entire community. There will always be issues that arise that touch the community as a whole, but with each issue that arises one fundamental question must be asked, “How will it impact our children?”  I truly believe that this is the number one question of any School Board and must not only be asked but more importantly answered.

    There will always be the tedious impact of Albany along with the financial accountability to the taxpayers.  These two things cannot and should not be taken lightly. They impact everyone within the community and must always be weighed with equal consistency. These things can be both an opportunity as well as a challenge. The well-being of our children’s education and their future success hinges on the decisions of today. The outcome for the children weighed with the fiscal responsibility to the taxpayers of the community, is not a duty that should be taken lightly by any member of the BOE. Every decision has a cause and effect, the ultimate effect needs to be the solid foundation for the education of our children and their well-being.

       I am requesting your support and although there will most certainly be tough decisions at times I can commit to listening to all concerns and weighing the best possible decision for our children.  Please do not hesitate to reach out with any concerns, questions or suggestions that you may have and if they are within the scope of responsibility, I will be more than glad to investigate and offer feedback.


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Kevin Tuhy (second, from left) is seeking reelection to the Greenwood Lake School Board.  He is pictured with (from left) his daughter, Taylor; wife, Lauren; & son, Joey.


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