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As an outreach program of the Warwick Reformed Church, the “Backpack Snack Attack” program helps feed hungry schoolchildren in the Town of Warwick. The Backpack Snack Attack volunteers are grateful to the many wonderful community members who made it possible for the program to continue providing weekend meals to the nearly 300 local children who are fed through the program.

   The community’s generosity allowed the organization to help the families of those children during these recent, difficult months. Local support has also given Backpack the ability to continue to assist those families with other resources to help them through the summer.

  “Backpack Snack Attack Warriors” did all the shopping and packing necessary to provide weekend meals for the students. To keep the Backpack volunteers safe, a limited number of people were involved in these activities. The Backpack program is appreciative of the over 100 community volunteers who helped make food deliveries to students in the Florida, Greenwood Lake and Warwick Valley Central school districts.

  Florida and Greenwood Lake school district food deliveries were made to the homes of students in the Backpack Snack Attack program by district nurses, Marlene Lysack in Florida and Laura LaRoche in Greenwood Lake. Backpack volunteers are thankful to Marlene and Laura for their continued support of the program.

    Warwick school district food deliveries were made to the homes of students in the program thanks to the efforts of Backpack Snack Attack volunteers Jenna Price, Monica Dorfman, Kerri Foley, Anh Sobo – and over 100 volunteers.

   The lead on this community effort was taken by volunteer Jenna Price, who worked with Warwick Valley Central School District (WVCSD) Superintendent, Dr. David Leach and other school district members to organize the distribution of school meals along with weekend “Backpack meals. She also coordinated volunteers and helped pack bags for both weekend meals and the WVCSD Meals2Go.

‘Meals2Go’ for Students 

  Twice a week, “Meals2Go” breakfasts and lunches, as well as weekend meals, went to the homes of nearly 200 children in the Warwick school district, provided by members of the WVCSD Food Services Department. 

Strong Community & District Support 

  During this challenging time, the Backpack Snack Attack program has received tremendous support from community members, as well as from Superintendent Dr. Leach and the Warwick Valley Central School District. The support includes monetary and food donations, as well as volunteer hours generously given by many. 

      Anyone interested in making a donation or volunteering to help with this program should can visit https://backpacksnackattack.com or send an email to contact@backpacksnackattack.com.

Photo provided 

Enthusiastic volunteers for the Backpack Snack Program (from left) are:  Anh Sobo, Kerri Foley, Monica Dorfman & Jenna Price. 

Photo provided 

Backpack Snack Attack volunteers (front) Jenna Price & (from left) Paulette Wilk Rudy, Monica Dorfman & Lynne Nilsestuen pack weekend meals for local students in the Backpack Snack Attack food program.

Photo provided

On the last school year day of meal deliveries, Warwick Valley Central School District (WVCSD) Food Services staff members (from left) Julie Helmrich, Assistant School Lunch Manager; Lois Radon, School Lunch Manager; & Diane Russo, Assistant Cook thanked the WVCSD ‘Road Warriors’ who made meal deliveries to the homes of students in the program.

Photo provided

Several Backpack Snack Attack volunteers cheer for the , Warwick Valley Central School District ‘Road Warriors’ on the last day of meal deliveries.


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