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Why Not Come Together Under One Tent of Worship?

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  Let’s bring back the reason why Pulpit Rock was named Pulpit Rock in the first place – a place for religious services. No need to build a hotel or a library there. No need to pave paradise and put up a parking lot (kudos to Joni Mitchell).

  I propose that a large prayer tent be put up on the grounds facing Pulpit Rock. It can be used by our Muslim friends on Fridays, used by our Jewish friends on Saturdays, and used by our Christian friends on Sunday.

  Wouldn’t it be wonderful to see these diverse religions come together by praying to their respective God under the same tent? There certainly would be enough room for Allah, Yahweh and Jesus to cohabitate in peaceful reverence. Perhaps this might even lead to an atonement for the slaughter of the Native Americans who apparently revered this geological outcropping.

  You might argue that the various Christian denominations need their own place of worship to pray to their God. But God is God. Why not come together (kudos to John Lennon) under one house or tent of worship and get to know each other?

  If we could make this happen – there is a tremendous benefit to be had. All of the brick and mortar, not to mention the ornate stone, mosques, synagogues and churches can be sold to make way for businesses. Just think of the tax revenue that could be collected from establishments not granted property tax free status. This could also help to heat the tent in the winter.


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