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Hydrant Flushing July 28 – 31

The day we have been waiting for – a full and complete hydrant flush! Some may wonder why this “menial” task raises so much excitement for me, but I can explain. About 3 years ago, the Village concluded that our water supply from two wells had been getting slightly lower and lower every year. We immediately decided to begin the process of developing a new well. 

After a couple months of searching out a new well site, we found the best possible site which was only a few feet from a DEC wetlands area. During the nearly 18 months of navigating regulatory hurdles, a well had been approved and the buildout began. During this time, the wells began producing water exponentially less month after month. Our ordinary routine would be to flush hydrants a couple times a year to remove sediment sitting in the distribution system. Much of this sediment (small deposits of minerals the size of a grain of sand) causes discolored water when they become dislodged from the interior of the line. In order to effectively flush the entire system, we must send enormous amounts of water out of the hydrants, and likewise, we need to make up that same amount of water to meet the demand of our water consumers. We have not been able to produce enough water from our previous wells to meet the demand and adequately flush the system. Until now.

We have completed the new well and it is producing more water than we planned – leaving us in great shape. Therefore, the Village will be flushing hydrants over four days, July 28 – July 31. During this time, we are asking people to reduce the amount of water they use, and plan for discolored water. If you plan on washing light colored clothes, I suggest doing it in the evening after flushing your home water lines from an outside hose spicket. The water should clear up after a few minutes of running the water. I genuinely appreciate everyone’s patience during this process. 

It has been difficult, but I am confident that after a good hydrant flush, the water will once again be great water. If you have any questions about our water, or this process, please do not hesitate to reach me anytime either by email: or by cell: 845-283-7993. 

Beach Concerts Town Residents Only


As a result of the Governor’s order to limit outdoor activities, we are forced to limit our events to Town of Warwick Residents only. Therefore, all our future concerts this year, you will be required to prove residency in the town. We are sorry for the inconvenience, but we would hate to lose this amazing series of events because of overcrowding of non-residents. Also, keep in mind that you must social distance yourselves from one another and wear a mask when you are not seated. 

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