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Absentee Vs. Mail-In Ballots

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There is a lot of misinformation out there about absentee vs. mail-in voting.  Please don’t be fooled!  They are both ways to vote without physically going to the polls.  

Absentee ballots are for people who are travelling, serving abroad or are otherwise unable to be physically present in their state to vote.  Mail-in ballots are an option provided to everyone in a state who chooses to vote by mail rather than in person.  Obviously, this is an attractive option during a pandemic.  

If someone (such as the current president) asserts that one method is more reliable than the other or more prone to “abuse,” you need to know that this is NOT TRUE!  Voting fraud is extremely rare.  Also, studies show that voting by mail will not benefit one political party over the other.  

What’s important is that everyone who wants to vote should be able to do so. Being afraid of contracting COVID should NOT be a reason to sit out the election!     


2 thoughts on “Absentee Vs. Mail-In Ballots

  1. Your snarkiness about our President isn’t appreciated and shows your bias, something too many journalists have come to wear as a badge of honor. And saying voter fraud is rare is either painfully naive or blatantly dishonest, again something too many journalists have a proclivity towards. After years of bellowing about a supposed Russian interference and Presidential complicity, a multi-million dollar investigation by Trump-haters found no evidence of that, yet here you show no concern for the the potential for massive fraud by a party with a long history of registering dead voters? Very unimpressive editorializing and in my view, very inappropriate..

  2. The biggest part of this issue that you LEFT OUT is that absentee ballots have to be requested, mail in voting is a mass mailing sent to every address in a district. Have you heard about a woman’s cat that received a ballot that’s been dead for ten years? That’s just one issue. Nope, no problems here. Please

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