Mayor Dwyer: Difficult Decisions in Difficult Times

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Last week, we made the difficult decision to limit our Summer Concert Series to Town of Warwick residents only. This move, although necessary to abide by the Governor’s order, created some upset for neighboring residents. I feel it necessary to clear the air. 

First, the Governor has limited events and gatherings to 50 people. Although we consider people from West Milford, Tuxedo, Monroe, etc. to be very much a part of our community as most support our local businesses, enjoy our lake, have friends here and often consider Greenwood Lake a part of their home, the fact remains, priority must always be given to tax-paying/residing residents or those staying at a local establishment. With a maximum capacity, local residents will always have priority. We sincerely apologize to our neighbors for the inconvenience and hope to see them back in Greenwood Lake as soon as this is over! 

We are continuing to monitor the situation to determine if our September events, including a street fair, 5K and fireworks will be able to move forward. Please be patient and understanding while we make these difficult decisions on behalf of our community. 

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