Mayor Harter, Jr.: Thank you for Strength During the Storm

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Hello Florida,

Isaias left quite a mess for us to deal with in her aftermath. Downed trees, flooding, and power lines coming down leaving many without power. I wanted to acknowledge and thank Village of Florida DPW and the police for all their hard work during the storm and the days after. JCO Inc who is in charge of the village water and sewer systems also did a great job ensuring services were not disrupted over the past week.

   Please be advised that the DPW will be oiling and chipping Highland Ave., Dussenbury Dr. and Sturr Ln. in the near future. Use caution and drive slowly while on these roads for the safety of yourself and others. Municipalities oil and chip roads each year to repair minor cracks and other problems on them to extend the longevity of the asphalt. It is an effective cost saving measure for our roads as the alternative is repaving the road which costs significantly more.

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