‘Truckloads of Gratitude’ Brings BBQ to WFD

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On Mon., July 27, Small Things, Inc. recognized the community heroes of the Warwick Fire Department. 

Through contributions to its “Truckloads of Gratitude” campaign via private community-sponsored giving donations, and its participation in the Warwick and Monroe & Woodbury Relief Markets, the nonprofit raised funds to treat the fire department to dinner after its monthly drill. A huge spread was provided by Smokin’ Grate BBQ and was thoroughly enjoyed by all.  

Small Things, Inc. was formed in Warwick in April 2020.  Its current campaign raises money to gift meals to local heroes serving the community.  In partnership with local food and dessert trucks, the nonprofit is currently honoring healthcare workers and emergency responders. To learn more visit www.smallthingsinc.org, Facebook and Instagram.

Photo provided

Connor Wilson (center) of Smokin’ Grate BBQ provided dinner to the Warwick Fire Department after its monthly drill. 

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