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Cheney Seeks Reelection 

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I am seeking reelection as Village Trustee to continue efforts to maintain and improve our water, sewer and street infrastructure. I spent 39 years as a consulting Civil and Environmental Engineer, and I call on that expertise to support my work. I am a 40-year Village resident.

  My engineering background saves the Village money in consulting fees because I coordinate the regulatory inspection of the water system, compile the Annual Water Quality Report, prepare bid documents to procure goods and services and regulatory documents and reports.

  During my tenure the Village has moved forward with improvements to our aging infrastructure by doing the following:

   Brought the water system from a “poor performance” status to one which receives complimentary annual regulatory reviews.

   Initiated and directed grant application receiving over $250,000 to purchase property in the reservoir watershed. 

   Upgrades to the Wastewater Treatment Plant for which the Village received a $3,000,000 grant.

    Water Storage Tank Replacement program to lower maintenance costs.

   Well #3 treatment system to make the water system more immune to drought.

      Conducted Leak Detection surveys that located and repaired 70,000,000 gallons of water loss.

  My goals for the next four years include replacing our streetlights with LED technology at no additional cost, completing an update to the Comprehensive Management Plan and implementing directed changes to our Zoning which reflects our future vision.  

  It has been an honor to serve these past twelve years as a Trustee on your behalf. I promise to be diligent in addressing the needs of the Village including taxes, spending, economic vitality and infrastructure using sound business principles. I remain always willing to listen to your concerns and get you the answers you seek.


letter to the editor


1 thought on “Cheney Seeks Reelection 

  1. WHY is it so difficult for a newcomer to attain the political party that those running for re-election are associated with?
    Can someone please simply identify the Republican, Democrat, Independent etc candidates???
    thank you!

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