Mayor Newhard: Mask Fatigue

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  Mask wearing has become the universal protocol for social situations. It has in fact made a difference, especially in NY State where it is mandatory in public and where social distancing is not possible.  It may be the most striking visual we will remember from the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s been a long haul and yes, we all wish it was over. I know sometimes I suffer from mask fatigue. 

  A mask has become part of my everyday uniform, in the office, at my store, public engagements, and on the street. Early on, I developed raw skin behind my ears from the constant rubbing of elastic. Luckily, masks now come in every shape and color and that problem was readily solved. I guess the issue becomes diligence for such an extended time.

  It is in essence a new reality, but like many, I am grateful for a day at home working outside without a mask. This reprieve and the knowledge that mask wearing is really helping, gives me enough to balance my own weariness. I’m heartened by the public recognizing the value and importance of a small but significant gesture. The things we do as a community, the actions we do together, as a unified front, in the end, are the greatest defense against this threat. 

   The Community Center’s Youth Coalition, Youth Task Force and Gay Straight Alliance have partnered with Wickham Works to make creative posters to remind us of the importance and value of wearing masks. These posters can be seen at stores throughout the Village and Town of Warwick and even includes a scavenger hunt with prizes. Please visit the Community Center’s website for details. Poster images can be viewed on the Village’s website in the coming weeks. This a perfect example of involvement and a community working together. In this case, young voices to uplift our weary souls and to keep us on track. Thank you!

  The next Village Board meeting will take place on Tues., Sept. 8 at 7:30 p.m. at Village Hall, located at 77 Main St. in Warwick, and will be held through Zoom videoconference and may be viewed live by the public on the Village’s Facebook page


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