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Jen Metzger is a True Leader

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  The NYS Senate had a long history of ineffectiveness, of talk and very little action, certainly very little action that made a positive difference.

    The arrival of Jen Metzger in Albany in 2018, however, along with a small group of other newly-elected Democratic Senators who were also committed to getting things done, changed all that. In these first two years, she has made a huge difference — sponsoring and passing key legislation, securing funding and advocating persuasively for children, women and small businesses. 

   But in two key areas of importance to residents of the Hudson Valley, Metzger has been a true leader. First, as Chair of the Senate Agriculture Committee, she focused her efforts on supporting not only NYS agriculture, but especially smaller family farms. Equally important, her work to get the Climate Leadership and Protection Act passed led to NY having the most progressive and effective climate legislation in the whole country. 

   Jen Metzger has accomplished a lot in two short years and with our support, will continue to get things – things we need – done. 


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