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Supports Paul Trachte for Orange County Judge

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  • Editor,

    Orange Country deserves a judge who is both experienced and innovative. Paul Trachte, currently a Newburgh court judge, has more than 26 years of law experience as a defense attorney and special prosecutor. As a defense attorney he represented thousands of people in Orange County Court and tried over fifty criminal court cases, and in the Newburgh court he has presided over thousands of cases.

      As a Newburgh judge, he developed the Wellness and Recovery Court, which diverts mentally ill people from jail and obtains monitored treatment, assistance, and coaching for them. Judge Trachte believes that all who come before his bench deserve respect and a fair hearing. In these stressful times, it is important to have a judge who can address the

    wellbeing of both our communities and the individuals who come before his bench.

       I am voting for Paul Trachte for Orange County judge, and I hope you will, too. 


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