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Voting for Paul Trachte for County Court Judge

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   As November approaches, it’s easy to get caught up with national politics. You may only want to vote for President. You may think the rest of the ballot doesn’t matter. You may think a County Court Judge isn’t something to pay attention to. You’d be wrong. 

    This summer, we witnessed people crying out for justice. To right the wrongs of a system that treats people of color differently. An important way to begin correcting the injustices of the criminal justice system starts in our local courthouses with judges who rule fairly, creatively, and compassionately. 

  In the City of Newburgh Court, Judge Trachte developed a mental health court, where eligible defendants can receive treatment and support to set their lives on the right track. The program has been wildly successful. When judges see defendants in court, they are seeing them at their lowest point. Judge Trachte sees their humanity and aims to lift them higher. He is exactly the kind of person we need on the bench. Please join me in voting for Paul Trachte for County Court Judge.


letter to the editor


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