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Orange County District Attorney David M. Hoovler, along with the Prevention Alliance of Orange County and Orange County STOP-DWI, announces the kick-off of “Project Sticker Shock,” an initiative designed to raise awareness in Orange County about alcohol use and its consequences. 

“Project Sticker Shock” is a county-wide effort designed to raise awareness about the statistics regarding alcohol sales and consumption, and about related consequences, including deaths, that occur during the holiday season. The project represents a partnership between coalitions, retailers, prevention professionals, and law enforcement, designed to educate the public. 

The goal of the Project is to provide local alcohol retailers with free stickers to place on alcohol packaging and bags, stickers that are designed to encourage people to drink responsibly and to obey the law. For additional information, or if you are a retailer interested in participating in the Project, contact Megan Robbins of Operation PJ Pride at 856-6344, Ext. 1832, or by email to; or Darlene De Jesus-Rosenwasser at the Orange County District Attorney’s Office at (845) 615-3663 or by email to 



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