Florida UFSD Kicks Off Parent University 

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Where there is a need, the Tech Department at Florida Union Free School District (FUFSD) will find the way to meet it. On Mon., Nov. 9, FUFSD’s tech crew, Dana Castine, Rudy Gordon, Dana Gropper and two administrative interns, Katherine Hannon and Kaitlyn Smith, kicked-off Parent University, a series of informative 30-minute online sessions for parents to help them navigate the technology needed to successfully connect and educate students.

Each week, there will be three sessions, all on the same topic and the same presentation. However, since each session will have a question and answer section, they will be slightly different. All of the sessions will be recorded and posted on the district website on the Remote Learning page at www.floridaufsd.org. For questions or suggestions for a topic for Parent University, contact Castine at dcastine@floridaufsd.org.


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