Village Planning Board Accepts CE & Power’s EAF

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By Elise Fisch

The Village of Warwick Planning Board met on Tues., Nov. 10 to read and accept the sufficiently completed Environmental Assessment Form (EAF) previously submitted by CE & Power (Convergent Energy & Power) for their new location planned to go in at 28 Church St.

The Board reviewed amended site plans and a full environmental report as provided by representatives from CE & Power, bringing the proposed project one step closer to achieving residence in the Village. The energy supplier will provide power to approximately 400 to 450 homes in the Village of Warwick, with the intention of supplementing energy during blackouts, brownouts, and during times of peak energy usage.

The amended site plans include the decommissioning of the Georgia-Pacific facility that will be reconstructed into CE & Power’s new location. A safety report detailing the company’s other locations has been requested by Board member Kelly Boland with a deadline of two weeks to be submitted for review, though it was stated by the company’s representative that no safety issues have arisen at any locations.

The Bog Turtle and Indiana Bat are the only two endangered species that have been discovered on the project site, but the EAF confirms that these two species’ habitats are not located on the site itself.

A public hearing on CE & Power at 28 Church St. will be on the agenda for the Board’s next meeting on Dec. 8.

Warwick Commons

The second item on the agenda was the amended site plan approval of the Warwick Commons of Stage 5 LLC, located off of Brady Rd. The main point of discussion on this topic was pertaining to whether or not the housing development will be a closed loop with a gate, or if it would be open to thru-traffic with a connecting roadway.

The original plans for the Warwick Commons housing development showed a closed loop community with a monitored gate that would only open as residents and visitors approached the entrance. The developers will contact the Warwick DPW to look into how and where a possible thru-traffic connection could be made, with a connection to Brady Rd. looking like a strong possibility. If it is decided that the development will be open to traffic, speed humps or tables will be installed along the road in order to ensure vehicles coming through the community are driving at a slowed, safe speed. There will be no street parking on the roadway that cuts through the community. 

A public hearing will be scheduled so that the public may voice their opinions and concerns about opening the development to thru-traffic, but no date has yet been selected.

Next Meeting

The next meeting of the Village of Warwick Planning Board will be held on Tues., Dec. 8 at 7:30 p.m. in the Town Hall, located at 132 Kings Hwy. in Warwick.  

Photo by Elise Fisch 

The Village of Warwick Planning Board recently accepted the Environmental Assessment Form submitted by CE & Power (Convergent Energy & Power) for their new location planned to go in at 28 Church St. in Warwick. 


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