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  With the final tally of votes in New York now complete, we can look back at the electoral process and the people who made it happen. The 2020 election was one of the most transparent, smoothly run success stories of the year, both in New York and throughout the country.  

  As a citizen, I have so much gratitude for the amazing people who worked at the polls and made it possible for all of us to participate in democracy. These people worked long hours in often difficult, tedious jobs so that we could choose our leaders.  We literally could not function as a country without them stepping up for every election and sharing so much of their energy and time.  Thank you!

  Also, many thanks to the amazing postal workers who came through in a year in which mail-in ballots accounted for a large number of the votes.  They got it done, despite the extra pressure.  How lucky we are to have such dedicated people working in these important jobs!

  In this time of polarization, division and pandemic fatigue, it feels good to recognize a job well done and say “Thank You!”


letter to the editor

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