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A Water Supply Study Should be Done in Village of Warwick

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   As the Village View Estates development enters the final approval stages, I would like to comment on the fact that the application for this development was filed in 2004 and gained preliminary approval for a 28-lot subdivision.  The approval for this development was to expire after ten years, but the Village Planning Board repeatedly extended the approval over the past several years.  As far as I have been able to determine, there has not been a recent water supply study. 

  I mentioned at a public meeting last year that water pressure in the homes on Valley View Circle is quite low and has been for a long time.  Now there is a possibility of 42 units to be built on this Village of Warwick land rather than the originally planned 28.
Whatever number is proposed, I feel it is imperative that a water supply study be done to determine that there will be adequate water to supply the existing taxpayers’ homes before there can be any commitment to increase the demands on the Village of Warwick water supplies.


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