Chabad Teens bring Thanksgiving joy

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   The CTeen (Chabad Teen) group used their talents and warmth to bring joy to many local community members for Thanksgiving! CTeen is organized by Rabbi Pesach and Chana Burston of Chabad of Orange County. Teens from throughout the County baked delicious pumpkin pies and beer bread to bring extra joy to many in the County at the CTeen “Pies of Thanks Thanksgiving Event” at the Chabad Center in Chester.

  “The teens were enthusiastic to plan and participate in this event,” said Chana Burston, “It feels extra good to give, especially when so many people are experiencing extra challenges due to the pandemic.”

  The pies and breads were wrapped with cards of good wishes, and delivered to members of the community.  Recipients wrote beautiful notes upon receiving the packages. A note from one Warwick resident read: “Thank you for the yummy addition to our Thanksgiving dinner. More importantly, thank you for reminding me during this lonely time that I have a community who is thinking about me.”
  For more information about CTeen or other events at Chabad, send an email to or  call 782-2770.

Photo provided 

CTeen members Haley Resti (left), of Monroe, & Adam Stanton, of Warwick, are ‘baking a difference’ as they make a pumpkin pie made to help community members in need at Chabad of Orange County’s Center in Chester.

Photo provided 

Pumpkin pies baked with love by the CTeen group at the Chabad Center in Chester.

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