Mayor Dwyer: COVID-19 Vaccinations

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The state has begun rolling out vaccinations for COVID-19. The rollout began providing vaccinations for frontline healthcare workers but beginning Monday, will begin providing vaccines to those 75 and older, among other essential groups. This column in no way suggests people get the vaccine – you should do your own due diligence about whether a vaccine is the right thing for you. 

  I would, however, like to provide some assistance to those considering getting the vaccine and do not have the resources or ability to sign up online. Currently, the only way to receive a vaccine if you are 75 or older is to sign up online. The Village of Greenwood Lake will make our senior center computers available to anyone who qualifies for the vaccine but does not have the means to sign up. 

If you qualify for the vaccine and would like to sign up, please call our Senior Director Donna Garley at 549-8135. Donna has been kind enough to meet at the Senior Center and assist seniors in signing up. Please keep this in mind, the portal to sign up is already full. There is no guarantee that you will be able to sign up for a vaccine. I expect there to be more available in the coming weeks so please be patient and check in with Donna periodically. 






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  1. It is 65 and over. Cuomo says New Yorkers 65 and over can register to be vaccinated
    Vaccinations also will be available for those with compromised immune systems once state defines criteria

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