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Veteran’s Day Celebration in the Village of Florida

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Story by A.J. Arias


The Village of Florida commemorated Veteran’s Day this year with a gathering at their Veteran’s Memorial in the heart of the Village. At the event, hosted by the American Legion Post 1250, several officers gave speeches and gave thanks to those who have served.

President of Post 1250, Fray Fuller, was the first to speak as he announced President of Auxiliary, Beth Fuller; First Officer, Thomas Fuller; Second Officer, Jim Sussner; Third Officer, Bob Scott; Representative of Female Veterans, Nancy Scott; and National Anthem Speaker, Allison Frank.

Public officials also spoke, including Village of Florida Mayor Daniel Harter, who made note of his own family members who have served in the armed forces. Mayor Harter continued in his remarks to acknowledge the courage of veterans throughout history from the Revolution through the World Wars up until today, as men and women in uniform fight on the front lines against terrorism.

A large crowd gathered for the service, including members of the Boy Scouts and Veterans, to remember their service and selfless actions to their country.

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