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Bachman is Capable Trustee Candidate

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     I am writing to strongly urge those who reside in the Village of Warwick to vote for my friend, Corey Bachman, for Village Trustee.

     Corey moved to Warwick in 2017 and quickly became a valuable member of the community.  He is currently a member of the Warwick Historical Society. He recently ran an amazing campaign for the opportunity to serve the Town of Warwick on its board. While coming up short, he made his presence known. He has exciting ideas and the energy to be a very valuable village trustee.

     I worked with him closely in the months before the most recent election and found Corey to be a bright, compassionate and capable candidate. He knows how to communicate with all people and actually listens to their concerns. His undergraduate degree in communications and journalism and his experience as a political reporter for NBC certainly gives him the knowledge necessary to be a great Village Trustee. I urge you to vote on Wed., Mar. 18 for this outstanding young man.


letter to the editor

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