Mary Collura Running for Trustee in Village of Warwick

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     I am writing to announce that I will be running for Village of Warwick Trustee this year.  The election will take place on Wed., Mar. 18. The election is open to Village residents.

     My parents, Bill and Catherine Pfund, moved to Warwick in 1969 from the Bronx, NY. I grew up in the hamlet of Edenville and have been a Village resident for fourteen years.

     From 2012 to 2015 I had a volunteer position filming the Village of Warwick meetings. During those three years, I really got to see how the Village Board operates. In 2016, I began to work for the Village as a vendor, providing graphic design and consulting services.

      In 2017, I was the Creative Director of the Village’s Sesquicentennial. I worked closely with Mayor Michael Newhard and Trustee Bill Lindberg. Together we planned and executed over seventy events during the calendar year.

     During my experience I have learned so much about the Village of Warwick’s history, its dynamics and the inner workings of our local government. I have met so many great people including neighbors, artists, local organizations and religious leaders. I continue to volunteer my time and skills locally.

     My love for my community and neighbors runs deep. I look forward to representing and serving my community through the next four years.


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