GL Commission Mtg 12-18-19

NJ State Funding for G.L. in Question

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Story by A.J. Arias

      A New Jersey Bill, which would provide $500,000 of annual funding to the Greenwood Lake Commission, is in question, according to the Commission’s New Jersey Co-Chair Paul Zarrillo.

      Zarrillo received word from sources close to New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy that hinted that the Governor might veto the bill, A-3804/S-2167, which had passed both houses of the New Jersey Legislature unanimously, in favor of his $13 million Harmful Algal Bloom (HAB) grant program for the entire state of New Jersey.

      The grant program, which was recently unveiled by Gov. Murphy around the same time the bill for the Commission’s funding passed the assembly, would match funds invested into efforts relating to HABs. The program would be a one-time lump funding available to every lake in New Jersey.

      The Commission asks residents to call or email Gov. Murphy’s office to request that the bill be signed. The Governor’s office can be reached by calling 609-292-6000 or emailing

      If Gov. Murphy neither signs the bill nor vetoes it after 45 days it will go into law. The 45-day mark will be on Fri., Jan. 10.

Humane Geese Control Report

      Committee for Humane Geese Control member Joyce Dannheim gave a report about the Committee’s efforts to control the geese population on Greenwood Lake. Dannheim summarized efforts that have worked such as lasers, strobe lights, and fences, as well as measures that weren’t effective.

      The Committee plans to continue its efforts to control the geese population for the benefit of all residents and business owners around the lake.

Commission Preps for Drawdown Public Hearings

      The Commission discussed plans for the upcoming public hearings regarding next year’s lake drawdown. The drawdown is currently planned to be between three and five feet depending on what is deemed necessary. The drawdown will begin in early October and will end in January or February of the following year.

      Public hearings on the topic begin on Mon., Jan. 13 at Camp Hope, located at 1792 Union Valley Rd., West Milford, NJ at 7 p.m. and on Mon., Feb. 10 at the Greenwood Lake American Legion, 40 Mountain Lakes Rd., Greenwood Lake at 7 p.m.

Zarrillo Re-Appointed as NJ Co-Chair

      The Greenwood Lake Commission once again selected Paul Zarrillo to continue as Co-Chair for the next two years.

Next Meeting

      The next meeting of the Greenwood Lake Commission will be on Wed., Jan. 22, at the West Milford Township Library, 1470 Union Valley Rd., West Milford, NJ.

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