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O.C. Launches Transit Orange Trip Planner

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     The Orange County Department of Planning has launched its pilot Transit Orange Trip Planner website: This pilot program will help residents plan public transportation trips, including those using multiple service providers such as Newburgh Area Transit, Middletown Area Transit, Kiryas Joel Area Transit, municipal Dial-A-Bus services, County Paratransit, and bus and rail commuter services.

     Users can select their origin and destination, including grocery stores, retail shops, and doctors’ offices, then select their date and desired time of day to travel. A list of available travel options will then be presented with step-by-step instructions. If reservations are required, contact information to make those arrangements will be provided. Users can simply follow the instructions for their desired travel options and get ready to ride.

     Feedback on the program can be sent to or by calling 615-3850.

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