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Patterson Not Seeking Re-Election

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     After 12 years of proudly serving as a Trustee for the Village of Warwick, I am choosing not to seek re-election.  I’ve been considering this decision for some time, but when I learned that Corey Bachman was choosing to run for this position, it made my decision easy.

     I believe it is time for a fresh set of eyes and new energy for the Village Board and now that I’ve met Mr. Bachman, I am happy to step aside and let that change begin. Corey is smart, well spoken, and energetic. He’s got lots of questions and great ideas, and he’s ready to focus on the needs of the residents of the Village of Warwick. As the Board begins the process of reviewing the Village’s Comprehensive Master Plan, now is the perfect time for that fresh set of eyes and long list of questions.

     I don’t want too much change on the Village Board, though!  Barry Cheney is running for re-election and the value that he brings to the Village is immeasurable.  During his tenure as Village Trustee and Deputy Mayor, Barry has overseen necessary updates at the Water Treatment Plant and is currently working very diligently to assist in the design of the new Sewer Treatment Plan.  With his career in Engineering and his meticulous approach to budgets, legislation, and every other project he takes on, we should consider ourselves lucky to have him continue as Village Trustee.

     So, I will take this opportunity to offer a hearty thank you to the residents who have supported me in my elections (and to those who didn’t support me but still challenged me to work hard for the Village).  And on Thurs., Mar. 18, I will take the opportunity to cast my two votes for Corey Bachman and Barry Cheney for Village Trustees.  I encourage all Village Residents to do the same.


letter to the editor

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