Art by Jim VanGelder

‘The Earth, Our Home’ Virtual Art Show

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      The Albert Wisner Public Library is presenting a virtual Community Art Exhibit, The Earth, Our Home, on their website,

      Fifteen local artists have joined this exhibit which celebrates the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day. Inspired by the environment each artist created a work of art to illustrate their views, concerns or feelings about The Earth, Our Home.

      Participating artists include: Jane Doughty, Susan Hope Fogel, Pat Foxx, Donna Haley, Diane Kominick-Ouzoonian, J. Ellen Dolce, Kim Lukas, Sarah McHugh, Leila Noueihed, Karen Segboer,  Diane Sodol, Marcy Talbot, James VanGelder, Dorothy Zwerin, and Roslyn Fassett.

      The exhibit will be available until June 15.

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