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Collura is an Overwhelmingly Qualified Candidate for Trustee

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     I am a local business owner writing to endorse Mary Collura in her bid for Village Trustee this March. I’ve known Mary since she graduated from college over 15 years ago, when I had the privilege of working with her as she helped my then-nascent business develop. She grew to become a center facet of the business and, later, our village government, the latest step in a life dedicated to our town and community.

     Raised in Warwick from a young age, I believe Mary is unique among politicians and candidates as an individual who truly and assuredly has the best interests of our community at heart.  Her agenda is simply the betterment of our village, a mission utterly devoid of any personal interest or ulterior motives.  She wants now what she has always wanted, to lend a hand to her neighbor, and will do so to the best of her not inconsiderable ability.

     I say that last line with much sincerity because beyond her dedicated disposition, Mary is also an overwhelmingly qualified candidate. Hardworking and compassionate, her life truly dedicated to community service, in every sense of the term. She has worked tirelessly in nearly every level of our Village government, helping as needed and making every position she has held uniquely her own.

     I can’t wait to see all that she will do as Trustee if given the opportunity to apply this experience and dedication to the position.  I kindly implore you to join me in supporting Mary Collura in her latest step in a lifelong commitment to better our community.


letter to the editor

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