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Racism Should Not Be Tolerated

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      As Chinese officials struggle to contain the coronavirus, a new plague has struck the Hudson Valley: racism. With thirteen confirmed cases in the United States, we are faced with an epidemic of racism towards Asians, specifically of Chinese descent.

     I have worked in a Chinese restaurant for the last seven years, and I have watched as the economy has affected the business. However, with the recent coronavirus frenzy I have now experienced the worst decline of business, racism. I have encountered customers calling asking if our food was from Wuhan China, if our employees had been tested for the coronavirus, if it was a genetic disease, if we were purposefully making people sick, hang up calls or even worse, callers spewing xenophobic slurs.

     These questions and comments are outrageous, offensive, and egregious acts of discrimination.  However, the media outlets are silent. Acts of violence against Asians have increased substantially, and businesses are suffering. It is apparent that racism has become more contagious than the coronavirus.

     My plea is to the people of Warwick to stop asking ignorant questions, stop spreading heinous lies, and to return to patronizing the restaurants. If you have questions regarding the coronavirus or fears about its effects then research information on reputable websites not gossip columns. Asian Americans should not have to hash tag #iamnotavirus to cease xenophobic harassment. Be better Warwick. Do better.


letter to the editor

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