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Impeachment Trial Occurred After Many Accusations

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     During the impeachment trial, Republicans argued that Democrats wanted to impeach Trump from the time of his election. I do not believe this is so. The truth is that many, including Democrats, feared that Trump – an uninformed, impulsive, vindictive, and narcissistic man – was not qualified to be president and would become a danger to the nation. They were astonished and dismayed that such a man could be elected, but there was, as yet, no reason to impeach him. Most people, in fact, thought erroneously, that once in office, Trump would be “more presidential.”

     Even as more evidence piled up, including the Mueller report’s findings of probable obstruction of justice (a crime), Democrats held back. Impeachment is a difficult and painful process, and they knew a Republican Senate would not convict Trump anyway. Only after it became clear with the Ukraine scandal that Trump intended (even boasted about) inviting or pressuring other countries to help in his election did impeachment become necessary to bring his transgressions to light.

     Meanwhile, Trump threatened to take revenge on any Republican voting against him in the impeachment trial. His backers also gave them money (we used to call this bribery). Moderate Republicans who acknowledged Trump’s guilt thought that now that he was not removed from office he would have “learned his lesson.”

     Again, we see nothing changes; still uninformed, impulsive, vindictive, narcissistic and revengeful, Trump is more dangerous than ever. What can stop his excesses now? What can protect the 2020 election now?


letter to the editor

1 thought on “Impeachment Trial Occurred After Many Accusations

  1. several years ago, there was a story on the internet listing the names of most of those in congress guilty of felonies that would make your hair curl. the list, as I recall was non partisan. even with the facts out in the open, the public continued to keep these crooks in office. where was our so very moral democrats back then? if vestal virgin purity was the prime requisite for public office, both houses, the white house and scotus would be composed of a few, very few individuals walking through empty halls mumbling prayers to themselves. you democrats are ticked off at Trump because he was not a professional politician, not interested in a lifelong job on the taxpayers dollars, not interested in taking payoffs to push special interests. our entire government is riddled with thieves but you’re only after the one who has disturbed your idea of the natural order of governmental operations…have you ever heard of a benefit being held for a retired or pardoned politician who has fallen on hard times. crooked pols don’t need bankruptcies to recover financial losses

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