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Corey Bachman Represents People’s Voice

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     In 2019, Corey Bachman demonstrated why he is best qualified to serve as the next Warwick Village Trustee when he undertook a remarkable “listening tour” of our Village and Town in his campaign for Town Council.

     In order to gain a complete understanding of local issues and constituencies, Corey walked the streets of our neighborhoods for several months, knocking on thousands of doors, introducing himself to residents, holding hundreds of conversations at doorsteps, in public meetings, and at community events.

     Corey engaged people of all parties and demographics, including former and present local leaders, asking each of us to share our concerns, hopes and aspirations for Warwick’s present and future. Corey listened intently, informing his own political priorities from these conversations, which is the highest form of respect any leader can grant to those he seeks to represent.

     Corey’s commitment to reach out to all stakeholders, coupled with his intelligent, collaborative approach to problem solving and his deep understanding of the voters whom he now knows on a first-name basis, make Corey Bachman the man our Village leadership team needs at this moment to move us forward wisely in a time of consequential challenges.

     Please cast your vote on Wed., Mar. 18 for a new generation of visionary, responsive leadership: energized by the people he will represent; committed to a strong future for the Village he loves. Vote Corey Bachman.


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