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Mary Collura Has the Talent to Be Successful Trustee

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     When I first visited Warwick 30 years ago, I was captivated by the breathtaking countryside and charming village. A year later, when I moved here, I was captivated even more by the friendliness of the people and the community spirit. And who better embodies this community spirit than Mary Collura?

      A lifelong Warwick resident who knows how to blend the traditional values of the past with the sensibility of today, who is bright, creative, tactful, and above all, kind — these are a few of  the qualities that would serve Mary (and the Village) well as a Trustee.

     For several years Mary worked in my shop — a job she agreed to take only if it didn’t interfere with Thursday’s Village Life TBQ program or one of the burgeoning list of committee meetings she regularly attends, mostly as a volunteer.  A running joke between us was the extra copies of the local papers I’d save every time Mary was pictured or cited for her volunteer work. (There were many.)

     Among her other talents, Mary would bring to the Board a keen and innovative eye for design; any poster or flyer she creates has arresting, fresh graphics and colors. She is a bright problem-solver, full of initiative, my go-to person for all things relating to social media, with never an ‘OK boomer,’ no matter how many times I’ve asked her to explain how to use Instagram!

     As a resident of the Town outside the Village I’m not eligible to vote in the upcoming elections; still, I’d like to voice my support for Mary Collura  as Village Trustee.  The Village (and the Town as a whole) couldn’t ask for a better addition to the Board.


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