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Village of Warwick is Lucky to have Corey

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     Throughout last fall’s Town Board elections, I got a chance to know Corey Bachman. At that time, he was running for Town Board. In the March election, Corey is running for Village Trustee.

     The Village of Warwick is extremely lucky to have Corey, given his energy and dedication, running for the position of Village Trustee. Last fall, I was impressed with how willing Corey was to get involved with local groups. To both literally and figuratively “get his hands dirty” in the issues that have a direct effect on our community. Especially those that have impact our young people – recreation facilities and youth activities in particular.

     The Village of Warwick is blessed to see the number of young families growing, bringing a new vibrant energy to our entire community. In turn, the Village would benefit by adding a young, energetic member to the Board who views the strengths, weaknesses and needs of the Village through a fresh and unprejudiced lens. Whether it is water and sewer or parking lot maintenance, or Village traffic patterns and street speeds, how the Board addresses these matters is important to the ongoing vitality of the Village and the immediately surrounding town.

     Barry Cheney brings a wealth of knowledge about how the Village of Warwick runs (both as a member of the Board and as an engineer who understands how the physical systems that are the hallmark of Village life work).

     Together they will bring experience, fresh eyes, fresh enthusiasm and energy to the administration of the Village of Warwick. That benefit, in turn, is a great boon to all of the residents of the Town of Warwick.


letter to the editor

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