Mayor Harter: Local Leash Laws Enforced to Protect

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Hello Florida,

     This week’s column will focus on canines, both the pet and wild variety. We have had numerous complaints about dog owners disregarding leash laws and letting their pets run loose at Glenmere Park. The leash laws are in place for the safety of both you and your pets along with other people who want to enjoy time outside as well. Our Village police will strictly enforce this law, not just in the park but throughout the Village. Please contact village hall at 651-7815 or the police at 651-7800 if you see a dog owner not obeying the law.

    Recently, my dog was attacked by a coyote in my backyard and was fortunate to run away with only a few puncture marks on his back legs. I just want to make readers aware that encounters like this can and do happen, sometimes with far worse results. Coyotes are intelligent and resourceful hunters who have adapted to the northeast with great success. As we continue to develop the remaining open spaces in our area, these encounters have the potential to occur as they search for food, mates or new territory. So, please don’t leave a pet, dog or cat, unsupervised outside unprotected.

The above column, written by Village of Florida Mayor Daniel Harter, Jr., has been published in the Feb. 5 issue of the Warwick Valley Dispatch.

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